About Tiltwall Ontario Inc.

Tilt Wall Ontario is a subcontractor committed to bringing a superior building product to the Ontario construction industry since 2002.  With our tilt-up construction and design experience we are able to assist our clients design buildings with lasting beauty and value.  At Tilt Wall Ontario it is our objective to build lasting relationships, and impact the lives of those around us in a positive way, by training leaders, providing quality products and service that exceeds expectations.

We work closely with the design build team on a project to save both time and money.  By involving Tilt Wall Ontario at the beginning of your project it allows us to propose cost saving alternatives while guaranteeing the value of your building.

The construction method we use at Tiltwall Ontario affords owners a cost-effective, energy-efficient, durable building product with great architectural versatility and appeal.

Projects we have been involved in include offices, warehouses, sport facilities, food storage and handling facilities, and livestock housing buildings.

The team behind Tiltwall Ontario
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What we do at Tiltwall Ontario Inc.

Tilt-up construction is a method of building developed more than 100 years ago where walls or building elements are cast on site. They are lifted (tilted) into place and braced until permanent structural connections are completed.  Tilt-up walls can be insulated and/or load bearing with a wide variety of finishes.

The many applications of the tilt-up system deliver a green building with quality, speed, economics, durability and beauty. With more than 40 buildings and 1750 panels comprising over 750,000 square feet of panels Tilt Wall has become a leader in tilt-up construction in Ontario.  Projects we have worked on range from simple buildings such as the Princton Pavilion, to complex projects like the Award winning 3 storey Humber College.  Another great project that we were involved with was a stairwell eighty-two feet high.

Tilt-up buildings do not have to be simple grey boxes, we have worked on buildings with various formliners, reveals, stone imbeds, coloured concrete and stains.

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