How Much Does a Tilt-Up Building Cost?

How much does a tilt-up building cost

Choosing the right construction methods and materials can save millions in the long run

Tilt-up construction can save building owners more money than you may think. Studies show that the total cost to construct a building is between 5 and 10% of the actual amount paid to own and operate it. That means if you’re spending $1,000,000 on your new building’s construction, the cost when factoring in other long-term expenses such as maintenance and operating costs can be as high as $10,000,000.

Tilt-up construction allows for cost-conscious builders and owners to create an exceptional building at a better price while also tackling the elephant in the room – the massive costs required to operate the building and the large sums that can be saved over the long term.

Enjoy Immediate Savings

The costs to complete the construction of a tilt-up building can be less than conventional methods. This is due to:

  • More ground-level work which results in no scaffolding and smaller crews
  • Can be completed faster than conventional methods
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Can utilize lower-skilled labour
  • Less dependency on manufactured parts

Let’s take a look at some actual numbers:

Cost Comparison on Commercial Development

Cost Comparison on Commercial Development


Cost Comparison on Schools

One Storey
Cost Comparison on Schools (One Storey)

Multi Storey

Cost Comparison on Schools (Multi Storey)

Enjoy Long-Term Savings

Tilt-up construction can lead to significant savings in the long term – where 90% of a building’s costs actually lie. Looking at these savings is crucial in determining your construction method of choice:

  • Large well-insulated wall panels reduce the need for heating and cooling
  • Fewer air-gaps, and no thermal bridges in walls
  • Reduced cleaning required
  • Stronger load-bearing material, so less prone to damage
  • Maintains its appearance
  • Concrete walls resist moisture better than conventional methods
  • Easy to repaint if a new colour is desired

Long-Term Savings
Total energy costs can be cut by up to 35%. Here is a comparison of two new tilt-up construction projects and two using conventional designs.

How much does a tilt-up building cost (finished)


A Tilt-Up Building Can Result in Huge Savings Today and Tomorrow
As you can see by looking at the information above, you can achieve a lower price with tilt-up construction, but the true savings comes when you factor in the long-term occupancy and maintenance costs.

Whether you’re an owner or an architect, think of tomorrow when you’re deciding on a building today. Ensure you’re considering the long-term cost efficiencies while also keeping your construction costs to a minimum.

Take the Next Step
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