2009 TCA Tilt-Up Achievement Award – Humber College Toronto, Ontario

Humber College - Toronto, Ontario -Tilt-Up

Combining Tilt-Up wall panels with precast concrete floors proved to be a complex challenge when constructing an addition to Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning’s North Campus Academic and Student Service building. To successfully connect the wall panels with the floors, a three-bay structural arrangement was designed that temporarily braced the interior and exterior three-story panels via conventional methods as well as a temporary ring beam. The ring beams were connected to interior Tilt-Up panels and/or structural steel framing, allowing temporary construction loads to be transferred to bracing in the adjacent bays so the conventional bracing could be removed and the precast floors could be installed. Although the layout of the building was simple in order to keep the project on budget, details such as a walkway formed from colored panels and a cantilevered Tilt-Up panel above the front entrance added interest to the structure without increasing costs.

In keeping with the university’s sustainable-design goals, the combination of precast and Tilt-Up resulted in a building that is thermally efficient.

Tilt-Up Achievement Award 2009 - Humber College Toronto
Tilt-Up Achievement Award 2009 - Humber College Toronto

Project Details

Project: Humber College Building B
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Year built: Nov. 2006 – Sept. 2007
Owner: Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
Architect: Barry-Bryan Associates (BBA)
Engineer of Record: Barry-Bryan Associates (BBA)
General Contractor: Graham
Building Size: 83,694 sqft
Building Use: Academic Classrooms, student testing centre & offices
Square footage of insulated panels: 30,581 sqft
Square footage of non-insulated panels: 10,622 sqft
Number of Panels: 60
Heaviest Panel: 166,000 lbs
Tallest Panel: 43 feet
Largest Panel: 1,011 sqft
Exterior Finish: Integral colour
Interesting facts: Winner of TCA Achievement Award & Structural Design Inovation Award from the Ontario Concrete Awards