Tilt-Up Concrete Home

Tilt-Up Construction for Residential Buildings

Construction method is faster, more cost-effective, and more sustainable than processes involving wood, ICF, and steel

There are countless ways to design and build a home, but most projects have a few things in common. Homeowners want their house to be durable and safe, affordable, environmentally friendly, and built in a reasonable amount of time. Tilt-up construction checks all of these boxes and more.

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Building Systems Compared – Wood Construction vs. Tilt-Up Construction

Tilt-up has more benefits when it comes to cost, durability, project timeframes and architectural versatility

Wood construction has been popular for centuries – research shows that timber homes were first built over 3,000 years ago. Thus, because of its history, wood construction is still trusted today. In contrast, tilt-up construction was developed around 1905 and has had less time to build an equally strong reputation. One might assume that wood construction is the best option because it has been around the longest. However, a comparison of tilt-up vs. wood reveals that tilt-up is actually the most effective choice.

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Tilt-Up for Hospitality Buildings: A Case Study of the Muskoka Bay Resort Expansion

New five-story condominium requires 381 panels, 13.4 million pounds of concrete, and one of Ontario’s largest cranes

In 2020, the Muskoka Bay Resort in Gravenhurst, ON will finish its latest expansion and open its new multi-unit condominium to the public. Already known for its private residences and its championship 18-hole golf course, the resort’s newest addition will further boost its luxurious offerings.

The condominium project was a massive undertaking that demonstrated Tilt Wall’s ability to deliver durable, safe and visually striking buildings, regardless of the circumstances.

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Introducing JanVeek Tilt-Up Concrete Homes: A new frontier on residential living

New division of Tilt Wall Ontario will focus exclusively on residential projects

Tilt Wall Ontario is proud to announce JanVeek Concrete Homes, an innovative new division of our business focused on building superior housing for the Ontario market. These modern bungalows last for decades with minimal maintenance, reduce carbon footprints and make homeownership more affordable.

Like Tilt Wall,  JanVeek uses tilt-up construction, resulting in homes that are durable and safe, energy-efficient and sustainable, low-cost, and built in less time than more traditional construction methods like ICF, steel framing, and wood framing.

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Tilt Wall Ontario Set to Exhibit at The Buildings Show 2019!

Attendees can visit booth #8227 in the North Building to learn about the versatility of tilt-up construction.

Tilt Wall Ontario Inc. will exhibit at the 2019 installment of The Buildings Show, which takes place December 4-6 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The Buildings Show is North America’s largest expo serving the design, construction and property management communities. During the event, an estimated 30,000 attendees will learn about the latest developments in various aspects of building, and representatives from Tilt Wall will be on hand to discuss the advantages of using tilt-up construction.

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Creative Building Options & Finishes with Tilt-Up Contruction

Creative Building Options and Finishes with Tilt-Up Construction

From panel shapes, sizes, and finishes to one-of-a-kind features, tilt-up construction unlocks a world of design possibility.

Tilt-up construction is often chosen for its many advantages over more traditional methods of building. It’s more cost-effective than cast-in-place concrete, it’s faster to install, and it produces less waste. But in addition to being more economical, tilt-up construction is also extremely versatile, opening up a world of possibility when it comes to design.

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Tilt-Up and Steel Construction A Proven Framework for Warehousing Structures - Tilt Wall Ontario Inc

Tilt-Up and Steel Construction: A Proven Framework for Warehousing Structures

Steel construction has been a traditional and respected building method for many years in Ontario and it is one of the main competitors for the Tilt-Up and Precast Industries. But the use of steel in construction is not necessarily exclusive of concrete or blocks.

In larger or more sophisticated projects, various raw materials and construction methods are frequently used together. In fact, steel, concrete and tilt-up construction can be used together to provide the best quality and value.

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The Tilt-Up Construction Process Explained

The Tilt-Up Construction Process Explained

There are many ways to build a commercial building or a home, but tilt-up construction offers the greatest benefits. Tilt-up construction combines the Design-Build method’s efficiency and precision with the durability and strength of reinforced concrete. This is a proven system in which concrete panels are poured on-site and assembled using cranes. The tilt-up method enables quick and easy construction while also creating visually appealing structures that last.

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Career Opportunity: Construction Estimator

Tilt Wall Ontario Inc. is a subcontractor committed to bringing a superior building product to the Ontario construction industry since 2002. With our tilt-up construction and design experience we are able to assist our clients design buildings with lasting beauty and value. At Tilt Wall Ontario Inc. it is our objective to build lasting relationships, and impact the lives of those around us in a positive way, by training leaders, providing quality products and service that exceeds expectations.

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Ontario's First Affordable Housing Tilt-Up Project

Why Developers Choose Tilt-Up Construction for Multi-Story Residential Buildings

You drive by a residential construction project, and you notice something you haven’t seen before. Construction workers are building the walls for the residential structure on the ground. After all the walls are completed, the workers tilt the walls into place, before finishing the outside of the project by installing the roof.

Welcome to tilt-up construction, which offers developers several reasons to opt for the residential construction method.

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