Joe’s Home – Burk’s Falls , Ontario – 2020

Homemade Efficiency - Tilt Wall Ontario

Project Details

Building Use: Single Family Home
Building Location: Burk’s Fall, ON
Number of Panels: 17
Total Wall Panel Surface Area sq. ft 5893
Heaviest panel in lbs.: 57,100 lbs.
Largest panel in sq. ft.: 856 sq. ft.
Tallest panel inches: 251
Length of Widest Panel inches: 500
Size of Largest Panel sq. ft.: 626


Joe Vella is much like any other person in Ontario. He wants his lifestyle to be more sustainable, reduce his monthly expenses and use the talents of local experts.

Vella’s new home in Burk’s Falls would be built on these principles. “We were looking to make the most efficient home that we could,” explained Vella. “We wanted to build a home that didn’t require any heat at all and came up with a design that we thought could achieve it. That was the easy part – finding a way to build it was more challenging.”

The off-grid one-storey home design was unlike any other, with durable concrete construction, off-grid components, large south-facing patio doors, airy lofts and two curving steel roofs.
Vella was reading about concrete construction methods and came across Tilt Wall. He quickly reached out. “They were very enthusiastic to do this project,” added Vella. “We had people quote on this, and they didn’t obviously want to do the job. Tilt Wall was fair. They gave me a good price and they really got involved in the project.”

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Home For Good - Belleville - Tilt-Up Construction -03

Home For Good – Belleville, ON – 2019

Home For Good - Belleville, ON - Tilt Wall Ontario

Project Details

Building Use: Affordable Housing
Building Location: 490 Sidney Street, Belleville, ON
Total panels in sq. ft.: 33,886 sq. ft.
Number of Panels: 62
Heaviest panel in lbs.: 84,900 lbs.
Largest panel in sq. ft.: 856 sq. ft.
Tallest panel in ft.: 33’-8”


With the need for a durable and affordable building option, Geertsma Homes turned to tilt-up construction. This project is a 40 unit apartment designed with exterior and interior load-bearing tilt-up and a Hambro floor system

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Ontario’s First Concrete Tilt-Up Built Home, the Future for Home Builders by Tiltwall

Overbeek Residence – Woodstock, Ontario – 2017

Overbeek Residence - Woodstock, Ontario - 2017

Project Details

Project: Overbeek Residence
Location: Woodstock, Ontario
Year built: 2017
Owner: Len Overbeek
Architect: Len Overbeek
Building size: 4,100 square feet for the ground floor including garage
Building use: Residence
Square footage of insulated panels: 9,175 sq ft
Square footage of non-insulated panels: 240 sq ft
Number of panels: 39
Heaviest panel: 78,000 lbs
Tallest panel: 38’ – 10”
Largest panel: 879 square feet
Exterior finish: thin brick, stained formliners, and stucco
Other interesting points: This home is the first Residential Site Cast Tilt-Up Project in Ontario.

Project Description

Since tilt-up construction uses R20 continuous sandwich panel construction without any thermal bridging, a concrete home is much more energy-efficient than a wood-frame house.

From the outside, the 6-bedroom, and 2,900 sq. ft. house is indistinguishable from a conventionally-built residence. This first tilt-up home in Ontario will be more than 30 per cent more energy-efficient than a traditional wood-frame house.

Tilt-up construction is already being used for residential projects in the US and on Canada’s West Coast. We are confident that it can be a great option for Ontario home builders as well. After the success with this first residential project, Tiltwall is ready to make their mark in the residential sector.

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