38 Nixon Road - Bolton, Ontario


With the developer looking again to add another building to his portfolio he turned to designing it with tilt-up. Although his previous experience had been using tilt-up only as a cladding, this building was designed using insulated load bearing tilt-up panels. Using the load bearing properties of tilt-up meant that he would have a column free exterior wall system which would allow him to market it as usable space. Interestingly enough, due to the economic recession the building was left vacant for a winter, the thermal mass properties of the insulated panels meant that without any additional heat the building was kept above freezing.

Project Details

Project: Industrial spec building 30 Holland
Location: Bolton, Ontario
Year built: 2007
Owner: M-J-J-J Developments Inc.
Engineer of Record: B.G.B. & Associates Ltd.
General Contractor: Dig-Con International Limited
Building size: 129,800 square feet
Building use: industrial spec buildings
Square footage of insulated panels: 50,416 sq ft
Square footage of non-insulated panels: 4,242 sq ft
Number of panels: 98
Heaviest panel: 108,000 lbs
Tallest panel: 36’-7”
Largest panel: 1,700 sq ft
Exterior finish: painted concrete with form liner

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