Commerce Way - Woodstock, Ontario

Project Details

Project: 1269 Commerce Way
Location: Woodstock, Ontario
Year built: 2014
Owner: Orangewood Holdings
Architect: Barry-Bryan Associates
Engineer of Record: Barry-Bryan Associates
Building size: 9,900 square feet for the ground floor
Building use: mixed office and light commercial
Square footage of insulated panels: 9,120 sq ft
Square footage of non-insulated panels: 4,013
Number of panels: 30
Heaviest panel: 82,100 lbs
Tallest panel: 29’-4”
Largest panel: 946 square feet
Exterior finish: mixed
Other interesting points: This project is the new home for a design build firm whose core business is promotion and construction for all things Tilt-Up. The primary objective of the building was to provide a showcase and canvas for the use of Tilt-Up construction, by displaying and promoting “Tilt-Up” in a construction market that is dominated by other systems.

Project Description

The building is multi-tenanted, and the design reflects unique architectures for each suite. This promoted the creation of three unique frontages, and allowed the design builder to employ three different Tilt-Up solutions. The first tenant (the design builder) had the concrete take on a balancing act with the leading edge pushed beyond the building foot print. Additional form liners were used on the side and rear elevations, and the interior spaces to show clients the many options available for their own projects.

The second tenant requested a more traditional facade treatment, which was showcased with a varied response of masonry veneer.

The third tenant space allowed the design builder to again flex some muscle by creating a facade that employed the use of suspended “key stone” panel.
The main building sign pylon was also made with tilt up, and again reflects the design ethos of the main building.

Currently the new building is sited in a vast field of a new industrial park. While the neighboring steel framed complexes dwarf this new structure, this new contractor’s office sits proud as a “jewel” for better construction possibilities.

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