Copper Stripper Warehouse - Bysham Park Drive Woodstock - Tilt Wall Ontario - 04

Project Details

Building Use: Processing Facility
Project Location Woodstock
Total panels in sq. ft.: 7,692
Number of Panels: 24
Heaviest panel in lbs.: 40,300
Largest panel in sq. ft.: 539
Tallest panel in ft.: 19’ 5”


Tilt Wall exceeded its client’s expectations by demonstrating the strength of the tilt-up construction process at this 10,000 sq.ft. warehousing project in Woodstock, Ontario. The insulated concrete panels greatly reduce the amount of noise emanating from the facility, which is beneficial since a residential neighbourhood is only one block away. The durable walls and insulated panels will ensure the building stands for decades to come, while providing the owner significant cost savings heating and cooling small, but cavernous space.

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