Eureka Hog barn - New Dundee, Ontario


Other interesting points: Tilt-up was originally chosen for this project because of its smooth interior walls and the ease of cleaning.  Do to the nature of the project all walls had to be a sandwich panel and the interior of the walls was to remain concrete, a perfect fit for a tilt-up project.  Original project schedule was 6 months but using tilt-up was completed in only 3 months!

Project Details

Project: Eureka Hog Farms
Location: New Dundee, Ontario
Year built: 2002
Engineer of Record: McNeil Engineering & Construction Inc
General Contractor: Double O Construction Inc.
Building size: 37,145 square feet
Square footage of insulated panels: 9,051 sq ft
Square footage of non-insulated panels: 13,913 sq ft
Number of panels: 84
Heaviest panel: 43,400 lbs
Tallest panel: 10’
Largest panel: 488 sq ft
Exterior finish: un-treated concrete
Other interesting points: construction time was 3 months

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