Granval Warehousing - Woodstock, Ontario - 2019

Project Details

Building Use: Multi-Tenant Industrial Warehouse
Building Location: Woodstock, ON
Project size in sq. ft.: 100,000
Total panels in sq. ft.: 54,364
Total insulated panels in sq. ft.: 53,878
Total non-insulated panels in sq. ft.: 486
Heaviest panel in lbs.: 120,000
Widest panel in ft.: 46.03
Tallest panel in ft.: 34.78


This multi-tenant industrial warehouse project began in Fall 2019. The first floor was formed on October 15, and panel construction started October 21. The first section of walls was lifted into place in early December, and the remaining walls are scheduled to be lifted in early 2020.

Though the warehouse is quite large, totalling 100,000 sq. ft., it was designed to be divided into 10 separate units, with each one measuring 10,000 sq. ft. These individual spaces will serve a variety of purposes, including warehousing, distribution, and operations, among other duties.

Throughout construction, the Granval warehouse posed some unique challenges. The front façade featured very large openings, which caused some minor difficulties during the panelization and lifting stages. The Tilt Wall team overcame these issues by using temporary “legs” – they were poured onto the panels to help workers with manoeuvrability and will be removed once the panels are lifted.

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