Holland Marsh Christian School - Gwillimbury, Ontario


Project description:
This project began with the HMDCS society looking for the most efficient and economical way to build a new privately funded school. After several revisions to drawings and exploring many different building options, site cast tilt-up concrete was chosen as the construction method for their new facility. Due to poor ground conditions and complications receiving the permit a casting slab was utilized to construct the panels. While the tilt-up panels were being constructed, work on the school foundation and services commenced. Immediately following the completion of the slab on grade, panels were erected and structural steel was able to commence. Using the tilt-up construction method the school construction was able to begin in late August and still be closed in prior to the end of the year. Not only was tilt-up a more economical wat of building, but the highly energy efficiency of tilt-up panels will reduce energy consumption by about 30%! The durability of exposed concrete will contribute to low cost maintenance and a building that will maintain its strength and beauty fir years to come.

Project Details

Project: Holland Marsh District Christian School
Location: East Gwillimbury, Ontario
Year built: 2014
Owner: Holland Marsh District Christian School
Architect: OCA Architect Inc.
Engineer of Record: Steenhof Building Services Group
General Contractor: Maple Reinders
Building size: 30,500 sq ft
Building use: Elementary School
Square footage of insulated panels: 16,575 sq ft
Square footage of non-insulated panels: 18,096 sq ft
Number of panels: 122
Heaviest panel: 68,900 lbs
Tallest panel: 24’-0”
Largest panel: 912 sq ft
Exterior finish: brick and stained concrete
Other interesting points: Construction was begun in late August and was closed in by Christmas.

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