Lakeland Developments Warehousing - Barrie, Ontario - first

Project Details

Building Location: Barrie, ON
Building use: Warehouse
Building size: 13,600 sq. ft.
Amount of Panel: 19 panels; 10,126 sq. ft. of insulated panel
Heaviest Panel: 63,750 lbs.


The Lakeland Developments Warehousing Project was a prime example of the speed of tilt-up construction. Panel construction began on September 9, and panels were erected in just 8 hours over the course of October 7-8.

In addition to a short construction schedule, tilt-up construction helped reduce overall costs for this warehouse. Tilt-up will also enable the building owners to operate the space more efficiently over time, due to lower energy demands and the durability and safety of concrete.

The 13,600-sq. ft. structure was intended as a leasable warehouse space. So, whereas other projects may have involved specific requirements for a particular industry or company, the Lakeland Developments Warehouse was more standardized. The Tilt Wall team followed its normal process, finishing the project on schedule and resulting in an impressive building.

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