Overbeek Residence - Woodstock, Ontario - 2017

Project Details

Project: Overbeek Residence
Location: Woodstock, Ontario
Year built: 2017
Owner: Len Overbeek
Architect: Len Overbeek
Building size: 4,100 square feet for the ground floor including garage
Building use: Residence
Square footage of insulated panels: 9,175 sq ft
Square footage of non-insulated panels: 240 sq ft
Number of panels: 39
Heaviest panel: 78,000 lbs
Tallest panel: 38’ – 10”
Largest panel: 879 square feet
Exterior finish: thin brick, stained formliners, and stucco
Other interesting points: This home is the first Residential Site Cast Tilt-Up Project in Ontario.

Project Description

Since tilt-up construction uses R20 continuous sandwich panel construction without any thermal bridging, a concrete home is much more energy-efficient than a wood-frame house.

From the outside, the 6-bedroom, and 2,900 sq. ft. house is indistinguishable from a conventionally-built residence. This first tilt-up home in Ontario will be more than 30 per cent more energy-efficient than a traditional wood-frame house.

Tilt-up construction is already being used for residential projects in the US and on Canada’s West Coast. We are confident that it can be a great option for Ontario home builders as well. After the success with this first residential project, Tiltwall is ready to make their mark in the residential sector.

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