PPFD New Facility - Whitby, Ontario


Project Details

Project: PPFD New Facility
Location: Whitby, Ontario
Year built: 2016
Owner: PPFD
Architect: WalterFedy
Engineer of Record: 
General Contractor: 
Johnson Building Construction Inc.
Building size:
60,000 square feet
Building use: 
distribution warehouse
Square footage of insulated panels:
Square footage of non-insulated panels:
Number of panels:
Heaviest panel:
91,245 lbs
Tallest panel:
Largest panel:
1,561 sq ft
Exterior finish: 
paint and reveal
Other interesting points:
We lifted our 2000 panel on this project!

Dayton Superior provided a full line of tilt-up construction products to Tilt
Wall Ontario Inc. From Delta Ties and DOW Insulation to boost thermal
performance, to a variety of rebar support, inserts, braces and lifting
accessories, Dayton Superior provided the tilt-up contractor with everything
necessary to make the construction of a new Promotional Products
Fulfillment & Distribution facility a success.

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