Royal Canin, Guelph, Ontario


Due to the high quality of standards that were expected for the interior finish of this project, tilt-up with its polished interior finish was the product of choice. As most of the exterior was clad with IMP (insulated metal panels) tilt-up was used as the structural component. One of the highlights on this project was taking the structural core stair well, which was designed as poured in place, and converting it to tilt-up panels. The panels for this were cast off to the side while the main floors were being constructed using a combination of tilt-up panels and structural slabs. Once the main floors had been poured and achieved the required strength (5 days) the 51 feet high panels were erected and the structural steel erection could proceed, saving approximately 4 weeks on the schedule.

Project Details

Project: Royal Canin Canada
Location: Guelph, Ontario
Year built: 2007-2013
Owner: Royal Canin
Architect: Retiz Consultants
Engineer of Record: Retiz Consultants
General Contractor: Nelson Timbro
Building Use: Manufacturing Facility & Laboratory
Building Size: project was build in 6 phases
Square footage of insulated panels: 1,672 sqft
Square footage of non-insulated panels: 39,927 sqft
Number of Panels: 155
Heaviest Panel: 111,600 lbs
Tallest Panel: 51 feet
Largest Panel: 1,164 sqft
Exterior Finish: Paint finish on exposed panels
Interesting facts: Top of the tallest pannel (51 feet) was at 83 feet high

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