Toronto District Christian High School - Woodbridge, Ontario - 2019

Project Details

Building Use: Additional classrooms, auditorium, and new atrium/front lobby
Building Location: 377 Woodbridge Ave, Woodbridge ON
Project size in sq. ft.: 11,415 sq. ft.
Total panels in sq. ft.: 16,436 sq. ft.
Total insulated panels in sq. ft.: 10,368 sq. ft.
Total non-insulated panels in sq. ft.: 6068 sq. ft.
Heaviest panel in lbs.: 119,000 lbs.
Widest panel in ft.: 39’ 5”
Tallest panel in ft.: 31’ 5-3/4”


Construction on Toronto District Christian High School started June 6, when the casting slab was poured. Panel construction began July 23, and the final panel was lifted into place on October 30.

The project showed the architectural versatility of tilt-up construction. Toronto District Christian High School was an existing structure but needed to expand to accommodate the demands of its growing student body. This included adding new classrooms and auditorium space, and also revamping the front lobby.

Construction happened in two different phases, mainly to work around the space constraints of the site and to accommodate the fact that some parts of the building had two storeys while others only had one.

A unique reveal pattern was achieved by placing over 6,000 linear feet of individual reveal strips into the building’s new panels. This happened prior to pouring.

The building is still under construction; however, interior finishes and mechanical work are being completed alongside the exterior work and site services.

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