Tilt-Up Construction For Agricultural Structures

The use of Sitecast Tilt-Up Construction for agricultural buildings is a natural choice.  Insulated concrete tilt-up panels provide a durable, low maintenance concrete wall that is easy to clean.  The thermal energy of the concrete maintains a constant temperature and minimizes condensation.

At Tiltwall Ontario we know that hygiene is an important factor for agricultural buildings. When you choose to use Tilt-Up Construction as building method, the first step to a clean and durable building is set. With the insulation being sandwiched between 2 layers of concrete it is virtually fireproof and impenetrable by rodents or bugs.

The Advantages of Tilt-Up for Agricultural Structures

✓ High-Quality Buildings at Lower Cost

The speed of tilt-up allows for earlier occupancy and reduces overall construction time and costs. And, much of the construction is done at ground level, eliminating vertical forming and scaffolding, which reduces construction costs as well as meaning a safer work environment. The Tilt-Up method has delivered agricultural structures in as little as 3 months. Additionally, Tilt-Up will extend the longevity of the building, what makes it cost-efficiently on long-term.

✓ Energy & Thermal Efficient Building

The combination of the thermal mass properties of concrete, higher energy-efficiency insulation systems and reduced air-infiltration allow Tilt-Up to be an optimum energy-efficient solution in addition to a growing architectural solution. The large, solid concrete panels also add to the energy efficiency of a Tilt-Up structure since the panel size reduces infiltration or air leakage into and out of the building. Air infiltration is a large source of heat loss.  A Tilt-Up structure can save up to 35% on energy efficiency compared to traditional building methods.

✓ Extreme Durability of Tilt-Up panels

Vandalism and maintenance are minimized while security is increased with concrete walls. The natural rugged durability of concrete and practical construction detailing reduces building maintenance costs. Because of their lasting value, tilt-up buildings are a preferred investment in the eyes of lending institutions and farmers. Concrete buildings maintain their appearance, structural integrity, and value enabling good resale.

✓ Unlimited Design Opportunities 

Any structure build with Tilt-Up panels can be an attractive building in which you can take pride. With tilt-Up you can have any shape of panel you want including round, curved, panels that tilt in or out, as well as shadow panels. An unlimited array of colourings that can be added to the concrete mix or textured paints and stains of any colour may be used for beautiful effects on the concrete walls. Many different exterior finishes can be achieved using different formliners, reveal lines, thin brick and block, or even concrete stamps.

Agricultural Tilt-Up Construction by Tilt Wall Ontario
Using load bearing tilt-up allowed them to achieve a durable product that also maximized the interior square footage by eliminating bulky interior columns. The exterior of the building was completed using a painted finish and cultured stone applied to the market area.
Sitecast Tilt-Up Construction for Agricultural Structures - Tiltwall
A 572 sq ft backyard barn in Tillsonburg built using the Tilt-Up construction method. Barn is used for animal housing.

”A construction method which eliminates the cumbersome practice of constructing two wooden walls to get one concrete wall.”  ~ Thomas A Edison, 1909

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The Tilt-Up Construction Process

Site-cast Tilt-Up construction, a method in which concrete wall panels are cast on-site and tilted into place, is one of the fastest growing construction mediums available today. The method affords owners a cost-effective, energy-efficient, durable building product with great architectural versatility and appeal.

• First, the concrete floor slab or a casting slab is poured on which the tilt-up panels will be built.

• The concrete wall construction begins with laying out the panels on the concrete floor slab. Perimeter forms are set up. Next window and door boxes are blocked out and set in place. Reveal lines and architectural design are secured.

• If the concrete panels are insulated the outside face will be poured and insulation and connectors are installed.

• Steel Reinforcing is added. Electrical and mechanical conduit is installed. Embeds for structural connections and lifting are put in place.

• Concrete is poured into panels and cured.

• Concrete panels are erected and temporary bracing is installed.

• Structural connections are made and braces are removed.

A Short Word From Our Clients

I would recommend Tiltwall Ontario to any company looking for quality services as you have shown to us that under the most extreme weather, schedule and complex conditions you will perform and do so with outstanding performance and professionalism.

Ryan Harris - Project Manager
Ryan Harris - Project Manager

We have consistently found the management and staff at Tilt-Wall Ontario to be professional, thorough, and possess a high level of technical expertise. I have no hesitation in recommending Tiltwall Ontario Inc. as a highly competent concrete Tilt-Up Contractor, capable of handling any project, based on our years of experience working with them.

Barry L. & Dennis L. - Barry Bryan Associates (BBA)
Barry L. & Dennis L. - Barry Bryan Associates (BBA)

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