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Does Tilt Wall Build ‘Green Buildings’?

Does Tilt Wall Build Green Buildings - Tilt Wall Ontario IncBeing green in today’s market is one of the ways that businesses and people, in general, can help to do their part to make this world a better place for future generations.

And with this mindset, Tilt Wall wants to make as much of a difference as they can in the building market. Our buildings are 30% more energy efficient when compared to traditional buildings. Along with this, we also want to ensure that what we build is going to be safe and energy efficient for the generations to come.

We are a green company as we utilize materials that are abundantly found in nature, while also not using products that are considered harmful towards the environment. In addition, we hire local workers exclusively, except the Tilt Wall team, to help with building these structures so that we are also doing our part for the local economy.

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