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How Many Projects Did Tilt Wall Complete Using Tilt-Up?

How many projects did Tilt Wall complete using Tilt-Up - Tilt Wall Ontario IncThe Tilt-Up method is one of the best ways to have a structure go up with cost efficiency in mind. In addition, this is a time efficient manner of buildings along with being durable, safe, quiet, more energy efficient, spacious and lets you have architectural freedom.

As of 2018, we have completed around 50 projects using tilt-up construction. And we are sure that this number is only going to continue to skyrocket as many businesses find that this form of construction saves money and makes for a more durable building.

Our first and only residential project were completed in 2017, which is a huge goal for us and is one area that we see our services expanding in the future. We have several tilt-up projects and seminars that can be viewed for educational purposes in collaboration with Tilt Wall, so you can see for yourself how this method will work for your building.

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