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What are the Different Stages of a Tilt-Up Project?

What are the different stages of a Tilt-Up project - Tilt Wall Ontario IncThere are several different stages that make up a Tilt-Up project, and they are often fascinating to watch as most people do not realize that a building can go up this fast!

  • To start with, the preparation takes place which is meant to ensure that the space is level, along with marking off where they need to create the concrete floor slab.
  • The pouring of the concrete happens next in the forms that were built during the prep phase, this phase also includes putting in the steel grid to reinforce the forms.
  • Once they form, they are solid and ready to put up. Cranes are then brought into the worksite to pull the concrete slabs in place, along with the Tilt Wall Team, working to anchor them into place.
  • Once these are in place, the structure of the building starts to come together.
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