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What are the Disadvantages of Tilt-Up Construction?

 What Are The Disadvantages Of Tilt-Up Construction - Tilt Wall Ontario Inc.While there are several advantages to Tilt-Up Construction, every type of construction method has disadvantages that must be weighed appropriately.

The major disadvantage being that there has to be adequate space for this project to happen. Small spaces or even small projects will not always work with this type of construction. In addition, consider that when it comes to working with architects, it can take a bit of time as most of these architects are not as familiar with Tilt-up construction as they are used to other construction methods. It is a learning curve that we sometimes have to help engineers and architects maneuver.

Another disadvantage to consider is that changes in drawings can be quite costly once panels have been cast and are tilted in place. It is of importance that the building owner can align with what they see in the drawing phase to avoid these additional expenses.

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