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What is the Difference Between Tilt-Up Panels and Precast Panels?

What is the difference between Tilt-Up panels and precast panels - Tilt Wall Ontario IncThe terms tilt-up panels and precast panels are two of the most common terms that are heard with this type of construction. Tilt-up panels are made on site with concrete and a layer of insulation, followed by another layer of concrete. Keep in mind that these can be made on site up to 100 feet tall, or any other specification that a building has.

Precast panels are made in a manufacturing plant and then shipped to where they are needed. However, since precast panels have to be shipped, there are strict size restrictions on them than there are on tilt-up panels. Another key difference is that weather does not affect precast panels as they do with tilt-up panels. If the weather is rainy or below freezing, tilt-up panels are more costly to form during this weather, whereas precast panels could still be used.

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