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What is the History of Tilt-Up Construction?

What Is The History Of Tilt-Up Construction - Tilt Wall Ontario IncWhile most people think of tilt-up construction as a newer method on the market, it is most definitely not. While hearing about tilt-up construction being used has really picked up in the past twenty years or so, it was actually seen in 1908 when Thomas Edison created a village of tilt-up constructed concrete homes…and they are still standing today, which does point to how durable this method is!

However, it really all started with a flowerpot in 1849, French gardener Joseph Monier wanted to construct a more durable flower pot. He started to use iron mesh as a way to reinforce garden pots and tubs. From there, this construction method was refined and changed to become what it is today.

Read this article on the full history of tilt-up construction.

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